Build Your Dream

We focus on investing/supporting companies that market to or through physicians (either physicians are the direct users of your products or physicians recommend your products to someone else like patients or hospitals). We will be most valuable if you have not reached product-market fit yet.

Even if you are not raising financial capital, we are still excited to support your with expertise and connection. And we do NOT charge a fee. You are also welcomed to contact us if you are still in idea stage.

The Process

  • We send your pitch deck to the relevant specialist in our group for comment (for example if you market to radiologists, we will send your deck to our radiologist)
  • If our medical specialist believes your product and market potential, we will invite you for a deeper exploration session with our specialist.
  • If our medical specialist endorses your company after deeper exploration, we will review your information with our fund partners that invest in your space.
  • Once one of our fund partners also endorses your company, we will proceed with our investment.